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Lake weeds can grow very fast and can cover the water within a short period. Some plants such as duckweed are very hazardous, and their growth poses a danger to the aquatic life. Dangerous weed species can interrupt the regular ecosystem as well as lowering the aesthetic value of a region. Below are some useful methods of controlling notorious weed species like duckweed.


It's advisable to initially control the growth of aquatic weed by taking preventive measures like lake rake. Aquatic weeds will not spread quickly on steeply pond banks, but they can thrive very well in shallow margins to deep waters. It's therefore sage to ensure your pond banks are not shallow enough to encourage the growth of the weed. If the depth of the pond is three feet, then the bank of the lake should be four feet.  Deeper pond bank will suppress the growth of aquatic weed. 


If the weeds have already grown, you can pull out the weeds using your hands. If the weed has already spread in the water making it difficult to pull with hands, then you can remove it using the underwater cutter. Water cutters are very convenient when it comes to cutting annoying pond weeds such as milfoil and water lilies. One disadvantage of cutting weed underwater is that one the weed is cut it lies down on the waterbed and some weeds are very irritating, and they can reproduce from tiny pieces and regrow again within no time.


If the weed is excess, you can use herbicides such as aquacide to kill the plants in the pond. herbicides which are ideal to be used in water comes in different varieties such as pellets, granular and liquid herbicides. Herbicides are chemicals, and you should read instructions carefully on how to use it without killing aquatic life in the pond. Exposure of excess chemical may result in harmful effects of other water species. You may consider treating the lake into potions. One uses the chemical on each portion at a time and eventually, the weeds will be eliminated using this product.


Sunlight is essential when it comes to growth of all plants. If sunlight fails to reach plants during their growth, then the plants cannot thrive. You can opt for benthic barrier also known as the bottom screen which covers the sediment preventing the sunlight from reaching the aquatic plants hence compressing them. Weeds that grow in masses are challenging to be handpicked therefore the use of benthic barrier is the best option.


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Some aquatic plants are essential for the ecosystem as they serve as food, shelter, and oxygen to the aquatic animals. Some weeds proliferate, and they can cover the surface of the pond posing threat to the aquatic life, decrease the aesthetic value of the pond as well as restricting activities in the pod.  Examples of pod weed include milfoil, water lilies, hydrilla, and Eal grass among others. Below are some helpful tips on how to remove weeds from a pond.


If the weed has not grown in masses, you can opt for hand picking method. Your hands may not reach all the aquatic weeds that may be underwater but you will be able to remove all the plants that are above water hence increasing the aesthetic value of the pond. Sunlight is essential for the growth of all plants.  If the sunlight does not reach the plant, then it's hard for the plant to thrive. You can control the growth of the weed by using aqua screen which is placed on the aquatic plant to hinder the sunlight from reaching the plants in the water hence suppressing the growth of the weed. The use of the aqua screen is one of the best methods of controlling aqua weed from the pond using lake weed raker.


There is some aquatic weed that grows in colonies, and they spread over the water rapidly. If left unattended they can cover the whole surface of the pond decreasing the aesthetic value. It may also be dangerous for people and animals who are not aware of the existence of the pond as they may fall into the lake. In such scenarios hand picking is impossible, and you can opt for weed rakes and harvesters.  Proper use of weed cutter for cutting weed and rake as a harvester is an excellent way of getting rid of the weed for a longer duration of time. Some weed cutters such as weed razer and weed rakes are specially designed to eliminate notorious plants such as hydrilla and milfoil from the water. Weed Razer has a thick serrated blade on both edges to enable the pulling or pushing saw action which may be necessary for weed invasions in a pond. 


You can also opt to treat the pond using herbicides. The use of chemical and aeration method technique kills the weed that grows at the bottom of the lake. It's recommended to use both the aeration procedure and insertion of natural bacteria to inhibit the growth of aquatic weeds.In all the above methods hand picking is the ideal method of removing weeds from a garden pond. If the lake is large, then you can opt for weed cutter and rake to safeguard the environment.


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Despite the fact that there are some advantages linked to weeds growing in the lake, if they become too much, it could result in serious issues. It could make swimming, finishing and any other activities that take place in the lake hard but one should focus on preventative measures to control the amount of weed in the system. There are some fantastic points to help in removing weed using Weed Razers and give people a chance to enjoy the beautiful lake.


Look For Preventative Measures


It includes having the best design for your lake whereby one creates a steep bank such that the roots of the weed cannot reach the ground. Ensure the lake is deep enough so that the amount of weed growth is reduced. However, that does not work for floating weeds which one can spray but, you have to find the chemicals that will not cause harm to other organisms that are harmless.


Stay Active


Once you notice that weed has been growing in the lake, a person has to start removing them as soon as possible with Weed Razers before the issue becomes terrible. Allowing too much weed to grow becomes an expensive affair to maintain and takes too much time to get rid of those weeds.


Remove With Your Hands


It is easy to pluck out weeds and collect them if they have not spread too much and one should ensure they pull them from the root as an assurance that these weeds will not grow once more. If they are too many, consider using a weed machine that can cut these weeds that are stubborn.


Use Chemicals


People should be careful while using chemicals to control weed because they have to be sure there are no other living organisms underwater that get affected. If it is possible, know the weed so that one can purchase the specific herbicide bound to prevent that weed from growing. Read the instructions and know what could go wrong if wrongly used. These herbicides should be used when the plants are still young so that it increases its effectiveness which is best in late spring.


Biological Methods


There is a lot that people can adopt but are also restricted depending on the area where one is located since the laws work differently in various areas. Before one introduces a plant or a new animal, learn the rules in your area just to be sure one does not get into trouble.


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