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Some aquatic plants are essential for the ecosystem as they serve as food, shelter, and oxygen to the aquatic animals. Some weeds proliferate, and they can cover the surface of the pond posing threat to the aquatic life, decrease the aesthetic value of the pond as well as restricting activities in the pod.  Examples of pod weed include milfoil, water lilies, hydrilla, and Eal grass among others. Below are some helpful tips on how to remove weeds from a pond.


If the weed has not grown in masses, you can opt for hand picking method. Your hands may not reach all the aquatic weeds that may be underwater but you will be able to remove all the plants that are above water hence increasing the aesthetic value of the pond. Sunlight is essential for the growth of all plants.  If the sunlight does not reach the plant, then it's hard for the plant to thrive. You can control the growth of the weed by using aqua screen which is placed on the aquatic plant to hinder the sunlight from reaching the plants in the water hence suppressing the growth of the weed. The use of the aqua screen is one of the best methods of controlling aqua weed from the pond using lake weed raker.


There is some aquatic weed that grows in colonies, and they spread over the water rapidly. If left unattended they can cover the whole surface of the pond decreasing the aesthetic value. It may also be dangerous for people and animals who are not aware of the existence of the pond as they may fall into the lake. In such scenarios hand picking is impossible, and you can opt for weed rakes and harvesters.  Proper use of weed cutter for cutting weed and rake as a harvester is an excellent way of getting rid of the weed for a longer duration of time. Some weed cutters such as weed razer and weed rakes are specially designed to eliminate notorious plants such as hydrilla and milfoil from the water. Weed Razer has a thick serrated blade on both edges to enable the pulling or pushing saw action which may be necessary for weed invasions in a pond. 


You can also opt to treat the pond using herbicides. The use of chemical and aeration method technique kills the weed that grows at the bottom of the lake. It's recommended to use both the aeration procedure and insertion of natural bacteria to inhibit the growth of aquatic weeds.In all the above methods hand picking is the ideal method of removing weeds from a garden pond. If the lake is large, then you can opt for weed cutter and rake to safeguard the environment.


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